“In the genesis of the HEY YOU project is the belief that art can play an active role in society.”

Based on the temporal and spatial specificities that TeatroAgosto Festival offers, Ana Gil & Nuno Leão invited people of Fundão’s community to build a theatrical object that is assumed as Summer Act. It is therefore proposed a device out of sharing in a common space and time, where the focus will be the experience that each spectator lives when witenssing this event.


In our Paradise we can restart.

In our Paradise we can say whatever we want.

In our Paradise there is no tax fraud or financial scandals.

In our Paradise hope does not come in a pack of measures made by a foreign government.

In our Paradise the state budget for culture is 1% at least.

In our Paradise there is still a Festival as TeatroAgosto.

In our Paradise a good feijoada is imperative.

In our Paradise parties smell like sardines.
In our Paradise the streets are full of people.

In our Paradise there are outdoor shows. How?

In TeatroAgosto .


Conceived and Devised by Ana Gil & Nuno Leão

Dramaturgy and Text: Nuno Leão

Search: Diogo Martins

Participants: Grupo de pessoas da comunidade do Fundão

Sound Design: KUBIK

Video: Afonso Fontão

Photography: Tiago Moura

Communication Design: António Fontão

Production: Francisca Rodrigues

Co-produced by Terceira Pessoa – Associação, ESTE-Estação Teatral da Beira Interior

Fund Support: Governament of Portugal|General Direction of the Arts, Portuguese Institute for the Youth

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