Kurt Cobain Work in Progress

“Kurt Cobain: Work in Progress” show the creative process of the project Kurt Cobain, which involved a group of 13 young people from the city of Castelo Branco.

Along the creative process of Kurt Cobain project, Afonso Fontão and Tiago Moura accompanied the duo Ana Gil and Nuno Leão in the preparation of the rehearsals, script writing, discussion of ideas and followed the youth trough all the process, collecting the experiences they were living. Featured like this: Kurt Cobain – Work in Progress.


“ I wanted to remain anonymous ( … )

I wanted to do as Black Francis: he changed his name so often that nobody really knows how to call him…
Likewise, I want anyone to know my real name, so when I wanted to, I could again be any Kurt Cobain”
Kurt Cobain,

I hate myself and I want to die


Directed by Afonso Fontão

Camera: Tiago Moura

Sound Design: António Romão

Producers: Star Produções e Terceira Pessoa

Graphic Design: António Fontão

Devised by Ana Gil & Nuno Leão

Participants: Alexandra Santos, Beatriz Filipa, Carla Aziago, Cristiana Batista, Helena Baronet, Jessica Santiago, João Artur Santos, Joana Lourenço, Margarida Guerra, Mariana Garcez, Rute Ramalhinho, Sofia Carrilho, Telma Jesus, Zara Beatriz


October 06, 2012WORK IN PROGRESS
+ Premiere Documentary
Castelo Branco — Cine-Teatro Avenida
Novembro 04, 2012WORK IN PROGRESS
+Documentary Exhibit
São Paulo (Brasil) — SP – Escola de Teatro (Praça Roosevelt)
October 19, 2012WORK IN PROGRESS
+ Documentary
Fundão — A Moagem
October, 20 2012WORK IN PROGRESS
+ Documentary
Fundão — A Moagem

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