Thinking hands hand-book to think

Mãos Thinking hands or hand-book to think

Thinking hands or hand-book to think is the result of an invitation from the project “Dialogs… Science, Tradition & Culture” to Terceira Pessoa – Associação and Pé de Pano Projetos Culturais, to develop a stage performance starting from the craftsmens and artisans universe that live and work in the Beira Baixa region.


Heavy hand, divine hand, silky hands, fairy hands, butter hands, dead hand, golden hands, warm hands cold heart, iron fists, cheap hand, hand on the chest, hands in the air, blessed hands, good hands, miraculous hands, large hands, hands clean, hands full, rough hands, empty-handed, hand searching in their owns heart, the heart in their hands, hands on his hips, out of hand, “militaris manus”, raise your hand, crooked hand, hands stitching lives, objects, utensils, brands, useful and useless things, the hands that wrote this text, thinking hands OR hand-book to think.

the pleasure of thinking the work of a craftsman and an artisan, still resides in a whilom hearing, where, to close the eyes, is to listen the sound of mechanical work tools mixed with the breath of those who mark it´s intensity.

There is no creation where I don´t try to make myself.


Conceived and Devised byAna Gil, Maria Belo Costa, Nuno Leão

Photography and Stage Video: Tiago Moura

Lightning Design: Pedro Fonseca

Dressmaker: Paula Gregório

Sound and Video Operator: Raquel Fradique

Communication Design: Cátia Santos

Co-Produced by Pé de Pano Projectos Culturais , Terceira Pessoa – Associação

Financial Support: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian / Projeto “Diálogos…Ciência, Tradição & Cultura”

Partners: Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco / Escola Superior


17 October 2014 Castelo Branco — Cine-Teatro Avenida
19 a 23 May 2015 Castelo Branco — Cine-Teatro Avenida

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