We loved spending our Sunday nights watching a Portuguese public service programme dedicated to culture. That programme was called Câmara Clara, was on RTP2, and showed works of authors from various artistic disciplines, interviewed thinkers, poets, musicians, teachers… We never went to Câmara Clara, sadly, and more than likely we will never again be able to go because the show ended.

On the concept of Gathering, that show’s philosophy stated: “A gathering is not a thing. It is a process.” It is that gathering that we seek in this series of conversations.

Each edition deals with a theme related to the world of artistic creation. We will also have a guest joining us in this conversation, in this gathering.



Direction and Research_ Ana Gil & Nuno Leão

Guest_ One guest per session from different artistic backgrounds

Video and Broadcast_ Afonso Fontão & Tiago Moura

Communication Design_ Cátia Santos, António Fontão


with Diogo Martins (Universidade Minho)

with Elsa Ligeiro (Alma Azul)

with Valter Vinagre (Coletivo Kameraphoto)


April 13, 2013

PUBLIC SERVICE + Emancipated Viewer

Guest | Diogo Martins (Universidade Minho) > Castelo Branco > Cine-Teatro Avenida

May 4, 2013

PUBLIC SERVICE + Theatre and Literature

Guest | Elsa Ligeiro (Alma Azul) > Castelo Branco > Cine-Teatro Avenida

June 21, 2013

PUBLIC SERVICE + Photography and Memory

Guest | Valter Vinagre (Coletivo Kameraphoto) > Castelo Branco > Parque da Cidade

July 18, 2020

PUBLIC SERVICE + Photography and Poetry

Guest | Rui Dias Monteiro & Vítor Ferreira > Castelo Branco > Fábrica da Criatividade

August 22, 2020

PUBLIC SERVICE + Photography and Territory

Guest | Álvaro Domingues > Castelo Branco > Fábrica da Criatividade

September 19, 2020

PUBLIC SERVICE + Cinema: between documentary and fiction

Guest | Catarina Mourão > Castelo Branco > Fábrica da Criatividade