Terceira Pessoa it’s a structure that develops artistic projects, with special focus on the performance arts.

In its project, Terceira Pessoa emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach, integrating professionals from diverse artistic languages.


Covering an audience of different ages, groups and different socio – cultural backgrounds, Terceira Pessoa builds a project to approach the community to cultural territories in their surroundings, as well as other latitudes of the country, promoting the exchanges between local heritage and contemporary languages.


Thus focuses its action in three main areas:


approaching the audience to the contemporary artistic languages; production of artistic objects with the company’s signature and dissemination of Castelo Branco as the central place of artistic production and community projects at national and international level.

In 2012 developed the project KURT COBAIN,  which included a group of young people from 13 to 18 years of Castelo Branco in creating a show and a documentary.

In 2013, the HEY YOU, project involved a group of 70 people of all ages in the creation of HEY YOU – sorry for the inconvenience, we are trying to change the world.

In 2014, with the INSCRIPTION project, created a show in three parts, based on the book “Portugal Today: Fear of Existing” José Gil. In the same year premiered THINKING HANDS OR HAND-BOOK TO THINK, co-created with Pé de Pano – Projetos Culturais.

In 2015 creates the PRIMEIRA INFÂNCIA: UM FABULÁRIO with Maria Rita, a child of nine years involved in creative processes with Terceira Pessoa from 6 years old.The show debuts in Castelo Branco and brand presence in D. Maria II National Theatre in 2015.

The same year still develop the multidisciplinary project LANDSCAPE PHILOSOPHY.

In addition to artistic projects, Terceira Pessoa also develops the PUBLIC SERVICE, a cycle of talks on contemporary art, and  THERE´S PARTY IN THE FIELD, development project of the villages through artistic practices.


/ Dreamers

In our actions we want that the art objects we create are confronted with the maximum liability of the spectator, allowing him an active ownership of those.

The work points the way for the emancipation of the spectator. For emancipation we understand action.

The creation arises in order to dismantle the boundaries between those who act and those who see, becoming the artistic object capable of enhancing multiple and simultaneous interpretations in the same space and time.

“The emancipation starts when we realize that looking is also an action” (Rancière, The Emancipated Spectator)

We prefer to use the word action, instead of the word theater, in the sense that the last one may become a place where the audience confronts itself, as a collective, by opposition to the distance of the acting.


We understand the live event, as a space of aesthetic and politics manifestation of those who participate, where there is no specific rule, any hierarchy of themes, genres or arts.


The live event so it will be a moment of pure suspension, in which experience is perceived as creating a specific humanity.

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/ Artigos na Comunicação Social

Apoios e Patrocínios

/ Parceiros de Co-Produções e Apoios:

Alma Azul


Cultura Vibra

Direção Geral das Artes / Governo de Portugal

DNA Lisboa / Teatro Praga

Centro Ciência Tradição e Cultura

Teatro Taborda / Teatro da Garagem

ESTE – Estação Teatral da Beira Interior

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

SP – Escola de Teatro

Pé de Pano – Projetos Culturais

Escola Superior de Educação de Castelo Branco / IPCB


/ Protocolos Institucionais:

/ Mecenático:

Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco/Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas

Conservatório Regional de Castelo Branco

Escola Tecnológica e Profissional Albicastrense

(Projeto Hey You)

/ Financiamento:

Câmara Municipal de Castelo Branco