We liked very much to spend Sunday’s night in the company of a portuguese public service Tv show dedicated to culture. This talk-show was called Camera Clara, going on RTP2 TV channel, they showed works of authors from various artistic disciplines, interviewed thinkers, poets, musicians, teachers… We never went to Camera Clara, sadly and probably, we will not have the opportunity to go there no more, because the show ended.
The philosophy of this true example of public cultural service (promptly exterminated by a private government!) it was said about the concept of Meeting: “And a meeting is not a thing. It is a process. It is this process that fits Camera Clara”. It is this Meeting that we seek in these conversations cycles. And for that, we revisit our experiences as frequent viewers of the show that is no longer with us on Sunday evenings.
Each edition covers up a thematic related to the world of artistic creation, we still have a guest to join us in this conversation, in this meeting.



Conceived and Devised by Ana Gil & Nuno Leão

Guest: Um convidado de uma disciplina artística por edição

Video and Broadcast: Afonso Fontão & Tiago Moura

Communication Design: António Fontão

Video gallery


SERVIÇO PÚBLICO | Espectador Emancipado
Convidado | Diogo Martins
Cine-Teatro Avenida


SERVIÇO PÚBLICO | Teatro e Literatura
Convidada | Elsa Ligeiro (Alma Azul)
Cine-Teatro Avenida


SERVIÇO PÚBLICO | Fotografia e Memória
Convidado | Valter Vinagre (Coletivo Kameraphoto)
Parque da Cidade, Castelo Branco

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